• 10 Best Activities, Games for School Kids on August 15th Independence Day 2016

    10 Best Activities for school kids, Kindergarten and Nursery small children on August 15th Independence Day: Independence day is very important day in Indian history of Freedom. Independence day is celebrated on August 15th every year. In earlier days Indians are ruled by British government and to demolish the reign of the British, Our fore fathers fought to bring us freedom. This freedom is celebrated through Independence day by all the people residing in India and marks the symbol of a much more democratic Government designated for peace and prosperity. Though Independence Day is a declared National holiday, many schools and Colleges schedule a Half day school session for Kids and College youth to Hoist the Indian national flag and also make the Kids remember the importance of August 15th. Here are the 10 Best Activities for school kids, Kindergarten Students, preschoolers and Nursery, LKG, UKG kids to put up in Independence Day schedule.

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    10 Best Activities, Games for Kids on August 15th, Independence Day :

    Independence Day activities and games for School Kids
    School Kids paint Indian Flag on their Faces on August 15th

    Independence Day Quick Speech for Kids : 

    In this achievement of Freedom and purpose, many of them died like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardaar Bhagat Singh , Jawaharlal Nehru, Chandrasekhar Azad, Ram Prasas Bismil, Rajguru and many more revolted like a targeted gun and ultimately, freedom was achieved for hundred years of their hard work. India got freedom from British government after a long period of revolution. Independence Day is a biggest event that celebrates in every country , We Indians celebrate it on August 15th, every Indian knows about it. 

    It is the 70th Independence day in 2016. Independence day is celebrated by every Indian. On this precious and disciplinary day, all over India celebrates without any caste feelings and its our honor to celebrate the August 15th as brothers and sisters united by equality of Freedom. Prime minister Narendra Modi unfolds the flag early in the morning at Red fort, Delhi on Independence day. Millions of people associate here for the Independence ceremony. After the hosting of national flag rendering the national anthem (JANA GANA MANA).

    Quick Fact : Pingili Venkayya Naidu is the founder of our national flag. There will be many activities that will be performed in salute to the great people who played a major role for freedom. Children's participate in different kinds of fun activities on this Auspicious day.

    10 Best Activities, Exciting and Inspiring Games for Kindergarten School Kids, Preschoolers and Small Children :

    School Kids generally doesn't understand the importance of Freedom and only come to School to get along with friends to play and participate in gatherings. Also, not to forget the occasional Snacks they would get. So many schools schedule some games for the Small Kindergarten, LKG, UKG and Nursery Preschoolers to engage them in Physical activities and Fun. Here are the best Activities.

    Activities :

    • Hosting of national flag at school premises, public parks.
    • Rendering and Singing along the National anthem (JANA GANA MANA) by saluting the flag along with peers.
    • Children essay their speeches about the Independence day orally, about the people who fought for it.
    • Performing dances, Skits depicting Indian History and singing songs of Nationality or Cinema, different age groups have different opinions on singing and acting.
    • Conducting a quiz program to the school kids on Indian History.
    • Traditional dressing to potray Freedom fighters
    • Drawing and painting competition
    • Fun programs like Antakshari, dancing competitions, Dumb charades to engage kids with other peers
    • Rally on roads  
    • Distribution of sweets to Orphanages, Elderly homes and people in need.
    • Tri-color tags for every one.

    Games :

    • Common games like Running and Sprinting
    • History Quiz games
    • Lemon and Spoon
    • Sack race
    • Dumb charades
    • Oral Speech
    • Essay writing
    • and other common small level games.
    Though it is a lot of fun for Kids to play and engage but It's a responsibility for parents and teachers to teach the children about the importance of Independence day and also take care of their well being while engaging in Games and activities. Its our honor to celebrate the Independence day with fun and joy.

    Happy 70th Independence Day to Every Kid, Parent and Teachers !!

    Happy Republic Day 2017

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