• How to Celebrate Independence Day{August 15th} in a Traditional Way?

    How to Celebrate Independence Day, August 15th Celebrations, Celebrations for Schools, Colleges : August 15th has its special significance because Indians celebrate this day as Independence day that represents their Freedom. It's an honor to celebrate August 15th as Independence day. August 15th has a historical Importance that marks the sacrifice out freedom fighters made for the Freedom of the Country. That we celebrate it annually it as Independence day every year on August 15th. August 15th, 2016 is declared as a national holiday all over India. India has three national holidays in which Independence Day(August 15th) is one of them, Republic day(January 26th) and Mahatma Gandhi's birthday on 2nd October.

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    How to Celebrate Independence Day (August 15th) ?

    How to celebrate Independence Day, August 15th Celebrations in India
    How to Celebrate Independence Day

    August 15th, 2016 Independence day is celebrated all around the India and the people who live in abroad too. We celebrate Independence day as a mark of freedom we got on August 15th,1947. Around 17th century Indian colonies were occupied and ruled by the British East India Company and because of its strong military personnel and violence, Indians became slaves to them, but many of the great people fought to bring freedom. To achieve Independence, it took around 200 years with great efforts and sacrifices of freedom fighters, India got freedom on August 15th 1947.

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    The national flag of India was first hoisted and unfurled on August 6th in the year 1906. Independence day ceremony starts after hoisting the national flag by Prime minister at Red fort, Delhi every year early in the Morning of August 15th. After unfurling of the Indian National flag, Indian National anthem is sung with pure respect and discipline by everybody by saluting the flag. Jana Gana Mana is the National anthem of India and is sung by every spectator and every Indian on this day. Twenty-one(21) gun shots are fired in glory of the ceremonial occasion on parade grounds. Prime minister makes a speech about the past things happened in the History of India, importance and the future of Indian development. Rendering of flag is carried out all over India in Government and Non-government institutions. Independence day is celebrated in schools and colleges by Hoisting the National flag and singing National Anthem along with Peers and cultural events like dancing, singing  patriotic songs, speeches, quiz challenges are aplenty with fun events which makes the celebrations fun to participate for School and College children.  Plenty variations of Indian flags are used with different sizes and are attached to the dress. Some of them stick National flags to their bikes, cars and most of them will pin the flags to their clothes and holds it in their own hand with Pride. Every place will be decorated with the flags. Not only on the August 15th, Independence day, the celebrations are same as in Republic day also.

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    Celebrations across India :

    Indians pay a tribute to the fighters who sacrificed their life for the freedom of India and a series of Cultural events for memorizing and singing songs in their name. Some of the most noted freedom fighters are Jawaharlal Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Potti Sri Ramulu, Mahatma Gandhi and many other respectable names that fought for the freedom of Hindustan/Bharat/India.

    Happy Republic Day 2017

    India Republic Day 2017 on 26th January, 2017. See Happy Republic Day 2017 Quotes, Speech, Essay, Images, Wallpapers, Hindi Shayari, Poems and Status for Whatsapp, FB.

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