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             There is one thing special on that day is, children in the schools will play the role of  teacher.The children who participate in that event will be announced as the teachers for that day.Students who give good lecture on that day will be awarded with price.So student will participate in this event with their lecture.

                Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan has worked as president from 14th May 1962 to 13th May  1967. After that he left the post and worked as the professor. Before he worked as president of India, he worked as the vice president of India. Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan has five daughters and a son. His birth place is madras which is located in Tamilnadu. From 26 January, 1952 - 12 May, 1962, he worked as the vice president of India.

    Happy Teachers Day Quotes 2016{Trending, Inspirational, Top picks} :

                   The moral values are learnt from the teachers when we are in childhood. Teachers are the main source to learn something in every student life. So lets spread this important day among all our friends in the form of quotation. Here are the some of the most valued Teachers Day Quotes in English.

    Teachers Day Quotes image Wallpaper 2016
    #Happyteachersday Quotes image
    #Preventing discontent, a teacher
    A teacher is like Winter,
    Studying A teacher is like Spring,
    Crisp and clear, Teacher.
    Happy Teachers Day!!
    Is like Fall,With You’re a teacher
    for all seasons, methods
    Lessons of bright colors
    Encourages and leads them, a pleasure.
    Happy Teachers Day!!
    T – Talented
    E – Elegant
    A – Awesome
    C – Charming
    H – Helpful
    E – Efficient
    R – Receptive
    Happy Teachers Day!!
    Inspirational Teachers Day Quotes, happy teachers day 2016 quotes
    Stay Positive Teachers Day Quote
    When you the student uses to greet their
    Dr. Sarvpalli Radhakrishnan as a
    tribute to him. On this day,
    Teachers Day is celebrated in India
    on every year at 5th of September.
    Happy Teachers Day!!
    Learn much more from  study great teachers...
    you will  As a warm and helpful guide.
    With a pleasant attitude.
    It is celebrated on the birthday of
    student’s life and is to give
    it differently? Firstly one…
    Happy Teachers Day!!
    Teachers and present best Teachers
    Day Speech to convey their thoughts
    to their teachers.  Are you also
    happy teacher’s day cards greetings.
    Happy Teachers Day!!
    Teacher’s day is an important
    day in the looking to present a speech on
    greeting cards different designs
    But, I mean it whenever I say it.
    are available with different.
    Happy Teachers Day!!
    If you want to do something different
    for your teacher then the best way
    Teachers Day then you must do
    and for the soul of the child.
    Happy Teachers Day!!
    Teachers Day Quotes by APJ Abdul Kalam
    APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes for Students
    Remember all words he say
    Words to make you social
    Words to make you special
    For all the things you have done for me.
    Happy Teachers Day!
    Lets make him feel pride
    to your teacher He is our teacher
    each student wants to make something
    When it comes to teaching.
    Happy Teachers Day!!
    Special for his or her teacher.
    He is our guide
    I may not say it always.
    who always helps everybody
    Thank You Teacher Happy Teachers Day!!
    Teacher is a person
    No, their eyes from himself
    and always
    Thanks for being my teacher.
    Happy Teachers Day!!
    Teacher's Day is celebrated on September 5th every year all over India and many schools and colleges summon their teachers and education staff by special programs and Kids entertain teaches and pay an ode of respect to them by participating and cultural activities bringing forth the values of the relation between a Teacher and a Student.

    We respect every Teacher in the world for their dedication and patience towards the Society and for teaching every kid about things like Self-respect, confidence, Smart thinking and discipline, all the things only a teacher can teach us.

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